How the Chinese discovered the Pythagorean Theorem hundreds of years before Pythagoras

The online contagion of feelings

Credit: Andy Lamb

“…the science of association is the mother science; the progress of all the others depends on the progress of that one.”

—Alexis de Tocqueville

This moment is a fact.

A handy guide for understanding the planning fallacy, self-serving bias, and other reasons your project is behind schedule

A map of attention targets for agencies and creatives

Every agency wants attention

Including some delightful templates which you’re welcome and encouraged to steal

Credit: Dani Nomura

Agencies are groups of people, people are organisms, and organisms do what they’re rewarded for doing.

Getting client approval for your agency’s brilliant ideas isn’t an obstacle to doing your job. It’s your only job.

We live in a time of great change.

Why it’s more important to focus on efforts rather than results

Credit: Haley Saba

A few years back I had a client.

Frameworks first, ideas second.

The Framework Is More Important Than the Idea

Right Ideas > Good Ideas

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