The Only Content Map You’ll Ever Need

A map of attention targets for agencies and creatives

Steve Bryant
4 min readJul 12, 2019


Every agency wants attention

The only way to get attention is to tell stories.

And while there are many different ways to express a story, there are only two business cases: Public Relations and Business Development.

PR is things you do to get noticed.

BD is things you do to get business.

Sometimes, the things you do to get noticed are the same thing as the things you do to get business. But it’s the intent behind the actions that determines the efficacy of the choice.

Why? Because:

There are only two audiences for that attention

Regardless of why you’re courting attention, you’re usually only trying to gain the notice of two types of people: Creatives and Buyers.

Creatives are people you want to hire.

Buyers are people you want to hire you.

Public relations and business development for creatives and buyers. That’s it.

No matter how you express your story.

No matter whether it’s about clients or awards or insight.

It’s just PR and BD for creatives and buyers.

Creative PR

Creative PR is speaking to creatives about your agency’s point of view on creativity.



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