You are a mood transmitter

The online contagion of feelings

Steve Bryant
8 min readMay 17, 2020


Credit: Andy Lamb

“…the science of association is the mother science; the progress of all the others depends on the progress of that one.”

—Alexis de Tocqueville

This moment is a fact.

We have to start somewhere so let’s start with where we are, you and I, reading these words on a screen, staring into our orisons of light.

This moment is “now”.

Right now, the past is no longer. Right now, the future is not yet. We cannot go backwards into the past. We cannot go forward into the future. We exist here, reading these words, in the eternal present.

We will read a few more words, and then that will be our present. And then we will read a few more words, and that will be our present. This is the still point, outside is the turning world.

Fact follows fact

Every moment we remain here is “now”.

This now, this present moment, is about three seconds long.

We experience three seconds now, and then three seconds “now”, and then three seconds “now”, like a frame refresh.

In each of these “nows” some “thing” is happening to us, and soon another thing will be happening, and then another thing.

One fact, after another fact, after another fact, happens.

We have feelings about each fact

We feel good about the fact of this present moment, or we do not. We feel good about moments past, or we do not. We feel good about moments to come, or we do not.

This moment, this three seconds, right now, contains the present of things present, the present of things past, and the present of things future.



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